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Resident Evil Escape Resident Evil Escape

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Heres my review, i'm also including a walkthrough!

When i started the game, i hadn't noticed it had even begun, there was no story and no intro, you generally get the idea that your just playing an invisible mist which has no form.

The gameplay was strickly linear, the only time the game realy catches you out is during the SHOOT sceenes. But they are esily beat second time through. On the upside making checkpoints was a good idea.. but i could have done with knowing a checkpoint had been reached.

Your interface was entirely non uniform, every button was different and not particulary self explanitoy...

Please bare in mind that no one wants to read a story..they want to hear it or watch it, so i choose no to read the journal.

The entirety of the games puzzles are pixel hunting. Please bear in mind that no one likes pixel hunting, real games get poor reviews for it. Try adding puzzles where people actually have to work out the order of clicking or somthing, Yes it can be done with a minimum of coding, and if your using swish then NO scripting what so ever.

I've only touched on the problems in this game but i dont have time to cover them all in just 4095 characters.

Finally Here's your extensive review, On every screen, simply press the tab button repeatedly untill you have seen all the hotspots. Click them all then the game is pretty much beat.

the ugly the ugly

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Offical stratagy guide:

Welcome to frightening world of THE UGLY, you've just arrived home to a shock!
your parents are missing! Okay now first of all turn on the sterio (right remote on table), we need to check if any murders are around, to see if they come running. Quickly hide behind the left hand curtain by clicking it when the radio is playing (BE QUICK!).

Your intuition is right as a stranger comes bounding round the corner to investigate, the stranger looks at your shoes and ignores them as he turns of the sterio and leaves.

Okay we know what were up againts lets find the parents, go down the hall (left of screen) and go into the righthand door this is the bathroom

All this blood around the house is making you feel rather dirty, you best wash you hands. (Click the tap handle) WOAH AN EYEBALL! someone must have shoved it down the drain! be calm and choose to breath, otherwise the terror will overwhelm you and result in you screaming.

Ok (click the right hand edge of the screen) lets take a look down the toilet cuase it's there. Dear god it's the head of your poor father! the murder must have tried to flush him and he got stuck. Your father was probably incharge of the house so he must have a key on him somewhere!

Search your fathers mouth, it's his favourite hiding place, look here! It's a key! lets go back into the hallway...

(enter the left hand door) with your new key! WATCH OUT! dont go strait ahead! the murderer has desided to walk through the door that was locked behind you and hide in the room ahead! avoid it!

Instead go right, Oh no! who's legs are these? better calm down! wait a few minutes to calm down then examine the legs to find your mother (You wont calm down unless you hid beind the curtains! the shock is just too HUGE!) she will hand you the gun she keeps under the bed and you will instantly kill the murderer who is now in the room with you suddenly, the police arrive, this nightmare is over! OR IS IT!

Welldone you survived THE UGLY!

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Super Mario Revived Super Mario Revived

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hmm, Nice Mario Game

Although you made a pretty fun challenge there (I'll ignore the bugs)
You forget the main thing about Mario, Mario is a Platformer... One thing your game lacks is platforms. But everything else is nice.